Founded in May of 1993, Charles “Lenny” and Linda Fresquez launched Fresquez Concessions, Inc.

Prior to the founding of Fresquez Concessions, Inc., Lenny and Linda were given the honor of becoming the first Hispanic franchisees to own and operate an Arby’s fast food restaurant. After the success of 15 Arby’s, FCI branched out, adding Taco Bell, Pizza Inn, Village Inn and Mac’s Steak in the Rough to their accomplishments.

In 1997, FCI was awarded the 10-year master concessionaire’s lease at the Albuquerque International Sunport. Now, FCI has nearly doubled, and operates in 3 states, with 13 successful food and beverage concessions, including our second lease at the Albuquerque airport.  FCI also holds current leases at the San Antonio International Airport and a sublease at the Tulsa International Airport and El Paso International Airport.

Our goal is to expand our operations to other locations around the country. To do this, we will continue to provide the highest standards of excellence in quality products and customer service. After steadily increasing our business over the past 16 years, FCI still ranks amongst the best in franchise operations. 

The extensive management experience at Fresquez Concessions, Inc. has placed our company at the forefront of DBE airport concessionaires. With a total of 13 outlets in three different states, our expertise has afforded us the opportunity to expand and operate under other master concessionaire’s contracts. We have built solid relationships with TSA and our proprietors; our proven track record has established us as a go-to DBE concessionaire.

Strong Financials
With over 25 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, our approach to financial management is simple.  We take a conservative path in these uncertain times, keeping our company liquid, financing only when necessary and making all management decisions based on the financial statements. With a strong working capital, we keep our equipment top notch and fully operational and our hands-on approach to management allows us to maintain a profit margin percentage that is above industry standards. 

Award Winning Customer Service
At FCI, we strive not only to meet, but also to exceed the best customer service available to the traveling public. Our operations are built to accommodate passengers and their needs, with high quality food in addition to quick, friendly service. By doing so, our efforts have been recognized by passengers, other concessionaires and proprietors alike. Cleanliness and outstanding customer service are daily standards and trademarks of FCI that enhance the traveling experience at all of our locations.

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